At Flintshire property services Ltd we offer an expert installation service. Whatever your style, whatever your budget, we can install the perfect bathroom for you. When you invest in a luxury bathroom, you need to know that the person installing it for you is up to the job. We have worked on a variety of different bathroom installations and have the experience to install your bathroom to the highest possible standards. From the unseen plumbing and electrics to the outward facing bathroom fittings we provide a quality finish. We promise to make sure the whole process runs smoothly from start to finish. we can also be found on Facebook

When Choosing A Bathroom You Should Consider:


Baths are often the first thing people consider when thinking of a new bathroom. Whether the bath is to be used as a shower or not we believe that it should be installed with the same care as a shower tray and every care is taken to ensure that it is properly sealed.

Shower Trays And Enclosures

Like the bath the shower area can be the most important item in the room when it comes to style and may even replace the bath. They can offer a washing facility in small places where a bath can not fit or the luxury and style of a walk-in enclosure.


It needs to match the other sanitary ware but should also be comfortable to use.


While the smooth lines of a modern design can make cleaning easier and also offer water saving duel flush cisterns. If space is of a premium and extra storage required the cistern can be hidden in bathroom furniture.


Mixer Showers

Mixer showers come in many forms and use the water from your hot water supply. This advantage being that the do not need an electrical supply.

Power Shower

Like mixer showers, power showers use water from your hot water supply (immersion tank) but have a built in pump. This has the advantage of giving a much greater shower pressure.

Electric showers

Electric showers use water from the cold water mains supply to your house and heat it on demand. This has the advantage of not having to store water and can often make them a good choice for second bathrooms and en-suites.


Tiles come in various shapes, sizes and materials, and it’s important to get ones that suit the style and function of the room you’re tiling, as well as your budget, Check out our Tiling Service


Bathroom furniture can offer an excellent way to add the finishing touches to your bathroom while also giving the practical storage space. An added advantage is that they can be used, and are often designed, to hide unsightly pipe work. While making cleaning easier by limiting dust traps and giving you smooth surfaces to wipe over.

Lighting And Electrical

Lighting is essential to the bathroom. With the practical need to be able to see in the mirror they can also be used to create the relaxing mood for a long soak. Don’t forget the shaver socket you may not use an electrical razor but you may want to charge an electrical tooth brush.

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